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Searching for sod and hydro seed installation in Spokane? For many homeowners or business owners, sod and hydro seed may be the best option for achieving their desired landscape quickly and effectively. Like sodding, hydroseeding is a cost-effective, natural, and green way to achieve the perfect lawn or space for your home.

The process involves water, soil, and seed mixed together to create a slurry that can be sprayed onto an area. This slurry allows for quick germination of seeds and turf development while keeping costs low and ensuring coverage with little waste. Need a natural green lawn on your property? We are an experienced sod and hydro seed company in Spokane. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs today.

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More About Sod and Hydro Seed

Currently, sod and hydro seed installation are two of the most effective and beneficial processes for seed germination and turf development. Also, these methods provide great results at an affordable price point with little labor required. Here are the benefits of Sod and Hydro Seed you should know.

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Hydroseeding is economical and more efficient, requiring only a fraction of the time to seed an area instead of other methods. When considering cost and quality, hydroseeding is one of the best options for homeowners looking to turn their backyard into a space they can enjoy year-round. We help transform your lawn using hydroseeding or sod techniques affordably and efficiently. Contact us today to receive a free quote.

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Healthy and Safety

Hydro seed installation is effective at resisting diseases and weeds better than any other seeding technique out there. Hydroseeding helps control weeds better than other seeding methods because mulch fibers act as a living root barrier and allow for more nutrients to be absorbed by grass blades. This barrier also keeps diseases at bay, keeping your lawn healthy and safe. Contact us today to learn more about hydro seed installation services.

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Prevent Soil Erosion

Sod Installation services are effective in preventing soil damage. Thus, lawn created from sod will stand the test of time. Hydroseeding is also a cost-effective and natural way to achieve grass’s appearance without taking up precious space. Our expert landscapers in Spokane can help if you don’t have healthier turf with improved root structures. Contact us today to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Sod and Hydro Seed?

The hydroseeding process starts with filling a tank with water, compost, fertilizer, mulch, clay, or lime -or all four. A blend of seeds is then mixed in. The liquid can then be sprayed on any surface where you want your new lawn to grow.

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Hydro Seed Installation

Hydro seed is applied in one uniform layer, while most other methods require thinning or additional work to cover the entire area with seed and fertilizer evenly. Thus, one application of hydroseeding is more cost-effective than multiple seeding applications. Plus, hydroseeding provides better coverage and erosion control on slopes or uneven terrain because it’s a thick application that remains even after rain events, preventing topsoil from washing away.

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Defining Hydro Seeding

Hydroseeding has been used for decades by commercial nurseries, sod farms, golf courses, turf managers, and landscapers. This process relies on the combination of hydroponics with injection seeding to grow high-quality seedlings that are then spread across a lawn or landscape at a quick pace. It eliminates soil erosion issues as well as weed growth since there is no need for mowing once germination takes.

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Sod vs Hydro Seed?

Sod can be defined as grass and soil joined beneath by a biodegradable material or root system. It is a popular option for home landscaping and professional sports fields. Hydro seed installation is an affordable alternative to sod. Sod installation services are sometimes can be costly and time-consuming. The best hydro seeders can offer the same quality of grass at a lower cost, saving you money.

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Is sod cheaper than hydro seeding?

Hydro seeding is up to four times cheaper than sod. Labor charges can reduce significantly if a hydro seed machine is used.

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