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Landscape grading and leveling is the process of reshaping your landscape so that it slopes down and away from the house to prevent any standing water. The practice can help make a big difference in how much runoff there is on your property. With all this heavy rain we’ve been getting recently, people are more aware than ever about the need for proper drainage.

If you’re looking for someone who specializes in leveling out sloping yards and preparing land for construction projects, our professional landscapers in Spokane have got you covered. With over 10 years of experience in providing landscape grading and leveling services, you can trust to do the job right. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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More About Grading and Leveling

If you are looking to level or grade your landscape in Spokane, there are many benefits of doing so. In fact, yard leveling is something that most people should do when they first start their landscaping project. Here are the benefits of grading and leveling your landscape in Spokane, WA.

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Eliminate Drainage Issues

Poor drainage is one of the leading causes of poor quality lawns. When water pools up on your turf grass it causes it to rot or weaken, which makes it more susceptible to disease and drought conditions. Landscape grading and leveling will help improve drainage issues and keep your lawn looking great and healthy. Our expert landscapers in Spokane can keep your lawn looking great by fixing drainage problems in your landscape.

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Enhance Curb Appeal

Landscape grading can help level an uneven yard and increase curb appeal. This process involves removing excess dirt and leveling out the ground, making it appear as if there are no slopes or drops on your property. It makes the lawn look well. Have you ever noticed that a flat landscape is boring? A landscaping project should include grading in order to provide more eye-catching features for the yard.

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Improve the condition of your Landscape

No one wants to deal with the mess that a muddy yard can create. When rainwater sits on top of your soil it can cause erosion or become stagnant. This causes waterlogged plants and pools of dirty water sitting around all day, making it an ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed in. Land grading is done to improve your landscape by creating a slope away from houses, sidewalks, and other structures.

What Are the Benefits of Landscape Grading and Leveling?

There are many benefits to grading your yard. Landscape grading can help you maintain moisture levels and protect against erosion. It also prevents fertilizers from polluting water sources, as runoff is diverted away from your property.

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Increase the Value of your Yard

Some homeowners are looking to grade or level their landscape in Spokane. Grading your land can improve the value of your yard by increasing property drainage, making it easier for you to mow and garden, and providing space for outdoor recreation. If you’re interested in learning more about site prep for leveling, here are a few benefits that you should know about:

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Prevent Mud and Silt Buildup

Mud and silt can also build up when the earth slopes toward your property, which is unattractive and unpleasant to walk on. Landscape grading ensures that mud doesn’t build up or collect near your home because it flows away from the foundation instead of backwards. Our licensed landscapers are highly experienced at landscape grading and leveling in Spokane. Contact us today to learn more.

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Prevent Soil Erosion

Land grading is the process of improving the quality and functionality of your yard. Soil erosion can be prevented with a little bit of landscaping care like land grading. It can also help prevent water from pooling in one spot by giving it more places to flow off onto when it rains. If you have a larger area of land that needs to be graded, contact us today.

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