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Landscape Design Contractor

Landscape Designer in Spokane

Looking for quality landscaping services? Our professional landscaping company in Spokane has got you covered.

Landscaping is an essential part of home improvement. When done right, it can increase the curb appeal and property value of your house. In Spokane, WA, you have to choose from a wide range of landscaping companies in order to find the best fit for your needs. At Spokane landscaping, we’ve been helping clients beautify their properties for over 10 years. We specialize in outdoor living spaces that are inviting to both family and friends.

We offer landscaping installation services that include patio,  landscape lighting, landscape design, water feature, stone walls, irrigation and sprinklers system, water management systems, sod and hydroseed installation, and bed covering. With our experienced team of experts, we can take care of all your needs and help you create the perfect outdoor space for your home or business. We are committed to providing the best customer service and workmanship that you be proud of. Call us today to receive a free estimate.

Call our skilled landscape designs and water features contractors and ask about all the options available for your home.

Our Landscape Design Services

We have a team of experts to handle all your needs. Whether you need a new patio, a garden, lawn care, stone wall, irrigation system or anything else we have the right person for the job. We are committed to excellence and will work with you until everything is perfect. Call us today for more information.

Patio Paver Company

Paver Patio Installation

Paver patios can add a unique touch to your home. A paver patio is typically made of brick, concrete, or natural stone pavers and the installation process can be customized for any project. With a paver patio, you can enjoy the beauty of an outdoor living space without having to worry about constant maintenance. We offer quality installation services in Spokane. Contact us today to learn more about our services. We are ready to serve!

Rock Wall Installation

Rock Wall Installation

Rock walls are a great way to enhance your landscape. They offer an elegant, natural touch that can bring in plenty of interest. Stone walls can also serve as sound barriers and give privacy to homeowners who live near busy streets. Stone wall installation is not difficult and with the right contractor you’ll be able to create something that suits your needs perfectly. If you’re looking for a Spokane stone wall installer, contact us today.

Water Feature Installation Company

Water Feature and Fountain Installation

Looking for water feature installation in Spokane? Water features are an excellent way to bring life into your garden or backyard space. They can help reduce stress levels by providing a calm atmosphere for contemplation. We offer water feature installation in Spokane, WA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you want a small water fountain or a large pond, our team of experts are ready to satisfy your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Landscape Design Contractor

Landscape Design

What does your home look like? How about the backyard or front yard? If you have not given much thought to it, now is a good time to start. A well-designed outdoor space can make all the difference to a homeowner. Whether you’re interested in sprucing up your existing landscaping or starting from scratch, our landscape design services in Spokane are meant to satisfy your demands. Contact us today to receive a free consultation and estimate.

Landscape Lighting Contractor

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an easy way to provide light where it’s needed, like pathways and garden areas that may be dark after sunset. There are a number of outdoor lights available for residential use: security lights, solar-powered floodlights, spotlights, pathway lights and more. We have over 10 years experience in designing and installing landscape lighting for homes and businesses. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or dramatic- our team in Spokane has got you covered.

Storm Cleanup Professional

Storm Cleanup

Storms can be devastating to a home, and it’s occupants. From large hail, strong winds, and torrential rain comes the need for storm cleanup services. We are a storm cleanup service company that offers 24-hour emergency services to our customers. We specialize in water extraction, drying, and dehumidifying your home or business after it has been hit by the worst storms Spokane has seen. For storm clean-up in Spokane or its environs contact Storm Clean Up Services today!

Call our skilled landscape design and rock wall installation contractors and ask about all the options available for your home.

Client Testimonials

For years, I thought I could do landscaping on my own. That was until a friend recommended that I hire professionals to help me with my property’s design and maintenance. Now, not only does my yard look amazing but it also feels great knowing that the experts are ready to help.


When I first moved to Spokane, I had no idea what landscaping pros were. After my yard got overgrown and the weeds took over, it was time for me to call in a professional. I found out that these professionals are specialists who know how to maintain an aesthetically pleasing yard.


I never realized how difficult it is to find a good landscaping pro. The quality of work varies greatly and the price can be astronomical, but after working with one for a few months I’ve found that it’s worth every penny.! The service was great and the price was affordable too.




Landscape Design Experts

Do you have a yard? If so, then it needs to be landscaped. What do we mean by this? We simply mean that if you want your yard to look good and maintain its aesthetic appeal for years to come, then you need the right kind of plants and flowers. You also need the right lighting fixtures as well as other exterior decorations such as benches or fountains. In a nutshell, there are many benefits to landscaping your yard. Our expert services can add curb appeal, can make your home more inviting, and reduce stress as well as improve your mental health.

If you’re interested in making your yard stand out, the best way is by hiring a professional landscape architect. We are able to create a design that will match your home and make it shine. We’re an established company that offers quality services for those who want their yards to shine like never before. We have been in business since 2009 and we’ve had the privilege of transforming many homes with our work. Landscaping can be the perfect way to give yourself an instant makeover while making sure you are creating a safe environment outside for you and your family. Contact us today

Landscape Design Services Tailored to Your Needs

We are proud to be a locally-owned Spokane business dedicated to our clients.

If you are looking for expert landscaping services in Spokane, then look no further. We offer the best landscaping services at affordable prices and have been helping homeowners with their yard projects since 2009. Do you need a professional landscape designer or landscape architect to help your home’s curb appeal? You’re not alone. e offer a wide range of services that can make your home look like new again. All our landscaping services are tailored to your needs and we guarantee that the end result will be perfect. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking for professional and affordable landscaping in Spokane.

Custom Services

We offer our customers personalized care from start to finish. This includes attention to detail and customer satisfaction through every step of the process. We want your yard to be as beautiful as possible so we use high-quality materials for each project. We are ready to listen to your needs call us today.


For over 10 years, we have been providing quality landscaping services to the Spokane area. Our company is known for its superior customer service and professional design work. Whether you are looking for help with your front yard or backyard, our landscaping team can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Variety of Services

Here at Spokane Landscaping, we have a wide variety of landscaping services for your needs. Our company offers full-service lawn care and maintenance, mulching and planting, snow removal and plowing, spring cleanup, and fall clean-up. Call our team today to schedule a free consultation.

Affordable Pricing

We offer affordable prices that will not break the bank. Our Landscaping Service in Spokane has been providing professional service since 2009. With over 10 years of experience, our team is sure to exceed your expectations. Contact us today with all your landscaping needs and we’ll set a free appointment.

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