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Searching for rock ad bark installation services in Spokane? Rock and mulch installation has become an increasingly popular landscaping trend. It’s a great way to not only cover your soil but also to give designs in your flower beds which improves the look of your landscape. Rock is a natural element that provides a foundation for flowers, plants, trees, and other landscaping elements. It also helps prevent erosion on slopes or hillsides by holding soil in place during rainstorms or heavy winds. On the other hand, mulch, which can be made from wood chips or bark, helps keep the soil moist so that plants do not dry out in drought conditions. This also prevents weed growth by cutting off sunlight from reaching the ground surface. Contact our professional landscapers for quality rock and bark installation services in Spokane.

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More About Bed Covering

Considering installing bed covering in Spokane? Rock and mulch installation is a great way to cover up any type of flower beds in your landscape. There are many benefits that come with rock and mulch installation. Contact us today for custom rock and bark installation in Spokane.

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Curb Appeal

Rock is a popular landscaping material for its natural appearance, but it also serves as an excellent foundation for planting shrubs and flowers because it provides good drainage which helps keep plants healthy in wet climates. Mulch has many benefits including improving soil health, reducing weed growth, retaining moisture in the soil so that plants don’t dry out quickly. Call us today for expert landscaping services.

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Improved Drainage

Many people think that rock and mulch are just decorative items. But, they can actually improve drainage in your landscape by soaking up water before it hits the ground. Rock has a high surface area so water easily runs off of it and through to the soil below where it can be absorbed more easily. Mulch is great for creating an organic filter!

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Reduced Weed Growth

Rock and mulch are two great additions to any landscape. These materials not only look nice, but they also have many other benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. A big advantage of using rock is that weed growth is reduced due to soil moisture retention and less light exposure on the ground surface area. Rely on us for quality landscaping services in Spokane. Contact us today.

What Are the Benefits of Bed Covering?

Dirt is boring. Period. It is also not always the best landscape bed covers for many different types of plants and flowers. Some plants or flowers are sensitive to temperatures which require flower beds for a bit more insulation. And while you’re at it, will add to the beauty of your yard.

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Water Retention Abilities

Rock and mulch are great additions to your landscape. Here’s how rock and mulch can help you retain water in your yard. – Rock is porous, meaning it will absorb the water that comes down from the sky – Mulch holds moisture well and prevents weeds There are many different types of rock that will work for your needs: river rocks, pebbles, boulders, etc.

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Reduce Soil Erosion

Rock and mulch not only provide a beautiful look, but they also help reduce soil erosion by creating a barrier between the ground and water. Rock has the ability to reduce water runoff by up to 70%. This means that when rain falls on your rock or mulch-covered ground, it won’t flow over into the storm drain system as quickly and cause any downstream flooding issues.

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Increased Temperature Insulation

One lesser-known benefit of rock and mulch is their ability to increase temperature insulation in your yard. When you insulate an area with rock or other material like straw or wood chips, it will reduce the amount of heat loss that would otherwise occur through radiation. Our licensed landscapers are highly experienced in rock and bark installation. With over 10 years experience under our belt, trust us to the job right.

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What's cheaper mulch or rocks?

Rock is much expensive than bark mulch. However, many homeowners include both in their landscape design. Contact our landscape services in Spokane to learn more.

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